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ICT is useful and helpful.Through ICT we can easily communicate to other people, easily gain information and the most important is that, we can increased our leisure time as it makes our work done in less time. Another effect of ICT in our society is that, It gives people opportunity to work in their home. This would result a decreased traffic pollution from people who are no longer commuting to go to their work.Another thing is the introduction of home shopping over the internet. We’ll no longer bother going to the closest mall or store to buy our things. This is also an advantage for those people who cannot leave their houses for some reasons. Best example is the physically disabled person who’s currently relying on other people to do their shopping. Internet shopping could allow these people to be more independent and less reliant on others.

As a student I always attach with a lot of essential things in my life, ICT help me for my studies and to communicate other, my family living away from me. Everyday I need a internet connections even I’m in the school because if there are words that I can’t understand, It’s easier to me to research to internet. In my chosen course (BTVTE) Electrical Technoloy it help me to understand our lesson through the use of ICT