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Charise Federiso

Hello! I hope you are doing great. This website was created for my personal use. As you go further into this page, you will learn more about me. 

I was born on February 15, 2001. I was born in San Miguel Norala, South Cotabato. I am currently 21 years old and went to Sksu Isulan Campus BTVTE 1A. My mother is Wilma Casumpang, and my father is George Federiso. Unfortunately, my father died when I was young. My mother races us alone. I have five sisters and one brother. I am the 6th child.

I love to read books and write poems and essays.
I don’t have any sports but I am good at bycycling.

My favourite verse is Psalms 37:4
“Delight yourself in the lord and he wil give the desires of you heart”

During my high school years, some defined me as a quiet and introverted person, but now in college, I started to talk a little more, knowing that college life would be difficult if you were alone.

“Where life plants you bloom with grace”

I wanted to be a singer before, but I’m not just a bad singer but the worst one. People around me know that. But I always tried to be the best version of myself.

If you have questions about me, just click the platforms below and links to my accounts will be provided. Thank you