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Episode 3: Why Cyberbullying must stop?

The use of online platforms nowadays is very crucial in our lives. In the 21st century, it has become our mode of learning. It has also become a tool in many lives and plays a significant role in our communication and entertainment. But despite the positive impact of online platforms, some find it a reason to lose their confidence. It causes someone trauma.And the worst was that it caused some deaths.

These are people who widely enjoy their freedom of expression on social media so much that they forget that they already step over other rights. They are people who tend to throw the harshest words toward other people whom they barely know without knowing the consequence of their words.Trolls are people who work in institutions and are trained to spread hate. Also, there are ordinary people who intend to hurt others online. All of this action causes a negative effect, whether it is intended or not.

A petition was started in response to the death of influencer Cho Jang-mi, 27, who was discovered dead at home on February 5th. Yonhap says that someone who said they were a family member said that she killed herself because of mean comments made online.

The apparent suicide of a second K-pop artist in a month has renewed attention in South Korea on vicious personal attacks and cyberbullying of vulnerable young stars, and how it often goes unpunished.

Additionally, bullied youth are more likely to develop depression, anxiety, sleep problems, lower academic achievement, and drop out (Centers for Disease Control [CDC], 2019)

Almost all types of bullying peak in middle school, with sixth-graders reporting the highest percentage of bullying (29 percent ) (NCES, 2019)

These innocent victims suffer a lot due to our careless actions online. I hope that we can learn from this tragic reality. Because, at the end of the day, we cannot easily mend what has been broken. However, healing takes time and does not always heal, particularly for those who have lost their lives. We should think before we post and be responsible online users. And remember to be kind to others. We don’t know what burdens they are carrying. The world needs your kindness. 


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